What can I still register for? (Feb. 5th)

Chinese New Year is literally just around the corner and before you feast why not sign up for one, or more, of the fantastic races in the Taipei area this Spring?

Hill runnerHill Runner 700 – 2/27, 2016 (3.3km) Registration ends 12/15. The Taiwan Beast Runners are going back to the course that started it all. Only 3.3 km in length, this race will challenge you in 700m in elevation gain before reaching the top. This is the first of what will become the hill runner series. If you are looking for a collection of hill runners and a nice running shirt don’t miss your chance to sign up for the hill running group.

Run Through The Jungle – 2/28, 2016 (10k, 17k, 33k, 43k) Registration ends 2/8. Another one from the Beasts, making it a double weekend if you attend both. This course will take you through the jungle around the hills of Wulai and at 2400m elevation gain for the 33k course, it is sure to be a challenge, complete with ITRA points!

Gongliao Marathon – 3/13, 2016 (10k, 21k, 42k) Registration ends 2/14. This relatively flat course will follow the coast and a basin inland to take runners around the Fulong beach area.

Easter runEaster Run – 3/26, 2016 (3.5k, 10k, 21k) Registration ends 2/16. If you’re missing Easter this year and looking for a fun way to burn off those chocolate Easter calories, this might be a good choice. Starting at Dajia Riverside Park, the 3 courses take runners on varying loops around the river.

New Balance Road Race – 3/27, 2016 (10k, 21k) Registration ends when the race is full. This is the NB take on a big road run in Taipei. If you missed signing up for the Nike womens run, this could be a good alternative. The race starts at the presidential building and ends in Dajia Riverside Park. Overall winners take home 50,000 NT worth of New Balance gear.

Cross the Central Highway of Taiwan Ultra Marathon – 4/1, 2016 (106k, 164k, 246k) Registration ends 2/16. Run the Hehuanshan Road, both the highest altitude and most beautiful highway in Taiwan. Looking for a challenging but beautifully unforgettable race? The 246k will certainly deliver with more than 10,000m in elevation gain over the length of the course, which spans from Taichung to Hualien.

ExploreExplore your Backyard 2.0 – 4/2, 2016 (7k, 10k, 15k) Registration ends 2/18. Running through the hills of Neihu, these organizers strive to show you what you can see by stepping out of your comfort zone and into the backyards of Taipei. These short challenging routes are sure to get your blood pumping and hungry for some delicious chia refreshment upon finishing.

Sanchong National Marathon – 4/10, 2016 (2k, 8k, 21k, 42k) Registration ends 2/20. This starts and ends on the riverside near Sanchong. Expect a normal out and back run on flat ground . The 42k course is 2 loops of the 21k, but if you can complete it fast enough you will be awarded 3000NT (3 hours for men, 3.5 hours for women). Check out last year’s recap here.

de LOOP – 4/16, 2016 (25k, 50k, 100k, 150k) Registration ends 2/22. Looking for 2017 UTMB points? Get them here! It is a 25k loop in the forest, the amount of loops is up to you but the more you do the more points you’ll get!

Ahgan Running Cup Festival – 4/30, 2016 (5k, 10k, 21k) Registration ends 4/10. This out and back course will take you along the riverside, starting at the easily accessible YuanShan MRT station. It is a relatively small race but the top 3 finishers will be rewarded with prizes.

Wings for lifeWings for Life – 5/8, 2016 (varied distance) Registration ends when full. This unique race will take place at the same time across many countries and time zones. It is a loop where runners will continue to push themselves until the “catcher car” passes them and they are officially out of the race. All proceeds from the event go towards spinal cord research.



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