What can I still register for? (Mar 7th)

Hill runnerHill Runner 700 – 3/26, 2016 (3.3km) Registration ends 3/22. This race was originally scheduled in Feb, but has been moved back to accommodate more runners. The Taiwan Beast Runners are going back to the course that started it all. Only 3.3 km in length, this race will challenge you in 700m in elevation gain before reaching the top. This is the first of what will become the hill runner series. If you are looking for a collection of hill runners and a nice running shirt don’t miss your chance to sign up for the hill running group.

New Balance Road Race – 3/27, 2016 (10k, 21k) Registration ends when the race is full. This is the NB take on a big road run in Taipei. If you missed signing up for the Nike women’s run, this could be a good alternative. The race starts at the presidential building and ends in Dajia Riverside Park. Overall winners take home 50,000 NT worth of New Balance gear.

ExploreExplore your Backyard 2.0 – 4/2, 2016 (7k, 10k, 16k) Registration ends 2/18. Running through the hills of Neihu, these organizers strive to show you what you can see by stepping out of your comfort zone and into the backyards of Taipei. These short challenging routes are sure to get your blood pumping and hungry for some delicious chia refreshment upon finishing. Price includes a pre run yoga session and a delicious vegetarian meal post run.

Feifong Mt Trail – 4/9, 2016 (10k, 17k) Registration ends 3/9. This race is brought to you by the same organizers who brought you Charming trail, accept that it’s in Hsinchu, with a much shorter course. The course is unfortunately run in a loop, with 10k-ers running the loop once and 17k-ers running it twice, ouch. Luckily, there is a direct bus to the start of the race (1820) but if you would like to make the trip from Taipei, better go a night ahead, start time is 5:30.

Northern Cross Super Marathon – 4/10 (57k) Registration ends when full. If you missed registration for the Southern Highway Marathon, this is a good, and shorter alternative). Run from Yilan County to Taoyuan, the price is a reasonable 1500 NTD including shuttle buses and water stations every 5k.

de LOOP – 4/16, 2016 (25k, 50k, 100k, 150k) Registration ends 3/28. Looking for 2017 UTMB points? Get them here! It is a 25k loop in the forest, the amount of loops is up to you but the more you do the more points you’ll get!

70k routeTaipei City Route Running – 4/24, 2016 (60k, 70k)Registration ends when full.  Have you ever thought about running all the way around Taipei city? Well, there’s a self-sustained race just for that. Complete the riverside paths and a mountain section to Taipei’s south, and bring home a plaque that proves that you’ve done just that.

Ahgan Running Cup Festival – 4/30, 2016 (5k, 10k, 21k) Registration ends 4/10. This out and back course will take you along the riverside, starting at the easily accessible YuanShan MRT station. It is a relatively small race but the top 3 finishers will be rewarded with prizes.

elleElle Run with Style – 5/7, 2016 (10k, 21k, 30k Duathlon) Registration ends 3/31. The prizes are similar to last year, with a whopping 10,000 NT going to top winners. The course, however is not. This year the half marathon and 10k will both be conducted completely on riverside park with the course for the duathlon not yet announced.

Steel Rose Run – 5/7, 2016 (5k, 10k, 21k) Registration ends 5/5. A reasonably priced, rose-themed, riverside night run taking place on the shores of Banqiao, complete with LED bracelets for all.

Dajia Riverside Night Run – 5/21. 2016 (3k, 10k, 21k) Registration ends 3/31. Another reasonably priced riverside night run, this time on the shores of the popular Dajia riverside park. It features great lottery prizes, including a trip to Guam marathon.

ladies runMizuno Lady’s Running – 5/22, 2016 (3k, 12.5k) Registration ends 3/25. Starting and ending at the Presidential Office in Jhongjheng district, this race takes a different route then previous years, leading 12.5k runners down Renai Rd before turning them on to the expressway heading north to Shilin and then back again. This women’s only race offers prizes to the top 20 finishers of the 12.5k.

Ultra Trail Yilan – 6/5, 2016 (7k, 22k, 50k) Registration ends 4/30. Another race conducted by the organizers of Charming trail, this race takes place in beautiful Yilan county and is sponsored by Merrel. Be prepared for a mixture of road, trail and river crossings.

TaiwanBeerCrazy Beer Trail Run – 6/18, 2016 (6k, 12k) Registration ends 3/15. Merrel and Shaperman will provide top 10 prizes for both female and male finishers, and Taiwan beer will provide refreshments upon finishing. This afternoon run starts and finishes in Neihu, just behind the Jiannan MRT station, making it a very accessible run for a hot summer’s day.

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  1. Awesome resource. Great low-down on the different events. I notice some/most of the Taiwan race registrations are in Chinese only (no English version). Not sure if they accept foreign credit cards for payment. What are some options for signing up if you aren’t a local? Thanks.

    1. Hi Felix,

      It is indeed difficult to register from abroad. I will email you to see which race you are interested in and if I can help you! 🙂

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