What Can I Still Register for? (April 12th Edition)

We are fresh off winter and with temperatures rising there’s still a little time to get in a race or two before the summer heat.

de LOOP – 4/16, 2016 (25k, 50k, 100k, 150k) Registration has been extended. Looking for 2017 UTMB points? Get them here! A beautiful 25k loop in the forest, with waterfalls and river crossings, the amount of loops is up to you but the more you do the more points you’ll get!

70k routeTaipei City Route Running – 4/24, 2016 (60k, 70k)Registration ends when full.  Have you ever thought about running all the way around Taipei city? Well, there’s a self-sustained race just for that. Complete the riverside paths and a mountain section to Taipei’s south and bring home a plaque that proves that you’ve done just that.

Steel Rose Run – 5/7, 2016 (5k, 10k, 21k) Registration ends 5/5. A reasonably priced, rose-themed, riverside night run taking place on the shores of Banqiao, complete with LED bracelets for all.

Neihu Bishan Trail Race – 5/15, 2016 (11k, 20k) Registration ends 4/22. This is one of Ezfun’s most challenging courses, the 20k involves lots of stairs and tons of climbing, so if you are ready to test your endurance in the hills of Neihu check this one out. The start is also easily accessible from Jiannan MRT station.

Haishan Marathon – 5/22, 2016 (10k, 21k, 42k) Registration ends 4/20. This reasonably priced race takes place on the riverside parks of Banqiao.

VIRB PictureNorth Coast Old Trail/Road Ultra Marathon – 5/28-29 2016(16k, 35k, 100k) Registration ends 4/18. Run the (mostly) paved trails over the grasslands of Taiwan’s Northeast coast. If you dare to sign up for the 100k you will be rewarded with a belt buckle, as is the tradition in many North American Ultras.

Ultra Trail Yilan – 6/5, 2016 (7k, 22k, 50k) Registration ends 4/30. Another race conducted by the organizers of Charming trail, this race takes place in beautiful Yilan county and is sponsored by Merrel. Be prepared for a mixture of road, trail and river crossings.

Olympic dayOlympic Run – 6/5, 2015 (3k, 10k, 21k) Registration ends 4/28. This year, this iconic highway half marathon that usually takes place in Taipei will be moved to Yilan. Last year the heat for this road race was almost unbearable and the competition was stiff, it will be interesting to see if anything changes now that it’s moved to the coast. Top prizes for either gender start at 20,000 NTD. Check out last year’s recap here.

Taiwan beerCrazy Beer Trail Run – 6/18, 2016 (6k, 12k) Registration ends 4/20. Are you looking for something fun/brief to introduce you to the wonders of the trails? Do you like beer? It seems like there are also some fairly nice prizes from the sponsors of this event, with Merrell shoes/ apparel going to the winners, just hope they don’t make you do the beer mile! Also a great race if you don’t like mornings, 1-6pm, don’t forget your sunscreen!

VIRB PictureThe Beast Trail – 6/25, 2016 (12k, 26k, 50k, 100k). Registration ends 4/23. With summer temperatures soaring, why not take your running to the mountains. The race venue also includes a swimming hole, BBQ restaurant and camping ground.

Amphibious Trail Run – 7/10, 2016 (24.5k, 14.5k, 10.2k) Registration ends 5/25. This year they are extending the run to include a 24.5k distance. At any rate, be prepared to get your feet wet. There is an initial road section before participants go under a bridge for some river-tracing-type racing, with some nice trails to finish the race off. This year the race is sponsored by Inov8, but remember to sign up for the 1700Nt category if you want in on the prizes.

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