What Can I Still Register For? (May 24th Edition)

It’s trail running season! Even if the heat is persuading you to stay indoors, check out these races to keep you motivated through these hot few months.

12087972_937639862985521_7849185082742173748_oThe Beast Trail – 6/25, 2016 (12k, 26k, 50k, 100k). Registration is still open. Much of this trail race is held high in the mountains so you don’t have to worry about the heat, and when you reach the finish line cold beer and a swimming hole await. Why not see what Taiwan in the summer has to offer with this beautiful but challenging course. Check out the recap here.

Taipei Starry Night Marathon – 6/25, 2016 (11k, 21k, 43k) Registration ends 5/24. If you are looking for a night marathon in the Taipei area this might be it. It starts and ends at the popular Dajia Riverside. Half marathoners and 11ks have a unique course, 43k marathoners will have to do 2 laps of the riverside loop engulfing the Dajia Area.

Tiger Balm Lake Trail Race – 6/26, 2016 (14k) Registration ends 5/25. This course made up of 2 separate loops in opposite directions will showcase what Shuangxi, New Taipei has to offer. Organized by Ezfun we can be sure it’s not too challenging and comes at the bargain price of 900 NT to sign up.

FrogAmphibious Trail Run – 7/10, 2016 (24.5k, 14.5k, 10.2k) Registration ends 5/25. This year they are extending the run to include a 24.5k distance. At any rate, be prepared to get your feet wet. There is an initial road section before participants go under a bridge for some river-tracing-type racing, with some nice trails to finish the race off. This year the race is sponsored by Inov8, but remember to sign up for the 1700Nt category if you want in on the prizes.

Hill Runner 850 – 7/16, 2016, (3.2k) Registration ends 6/7. It’s the heat of summer so why not challenge yourself with a short run up a mountain, in Wulai. With 850m elevation gain and only 3.2k in distance this race is sure to take you anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour and a half. Have trouble getting up the hill? Just think of that cold beer waiting for you at the bottom.

Bitan Ya Run – 7/16, 2016 (42k, 21k, 12k, 3k) Registration ends 6/6. Do you prefer running in the evening over waking up early for a morning jog? Here’s another night run that might be ideal for you. Although it takes place at night, it’s sure to be a warm one.

Sweetest Ever! Valentine’s Couple Run – 8/6, 2016 (14k, 5k) Registration ends 7/5. Some of us love Valentine’s Day, others hate it, but in Taiwan, no one can escape that it comes twice a year. Celebrate hating it with someone special, and this Valentine’s Day run.

MaokongUltra Maokong – 9/3, 2016, (50k, 21k, 12k) Registration ends 7/19. Almost everyone who is interested in trail racing, in Taiwan, has tried their hand at the Action Asia Race held in Maokong. Do you ever wonder where the multiple other trails in the area go? Follow the Taiwan Beast Runners this year to find out, as they explore distances up to 50k right in Taipei’s backyard.

Formosa Trail – 11/19, 2016 (104k, 65k, 37k, 16k, 8k). Early Bird registration until 5/31, registration until 7/19. Nantou is the only county in Taiwan that is landlocked, and because of this, it enjoys a lot of the same aboriginal culture it did decades ago. With large mountains, and beautiful scenery this is sure to be a challenging but gorgeous course.


Vietnam Mountain Marathon – 9/25, 2015 (100k, 70k, 42k, 21k, 10k) Northern Vietnam has been enjoying a recent surge of tourism, why not find out what all the fuss is about and run through the jungles of Vietnam? The 42k course is point to point with a cumulative elevation drop, which is pleasant and the 70k course makes a loop of the northern part of the country. You can take part in this race in a few different ways, participants can choose to enter the race only, or they can choose minimal transport and food, or they can go all out and make a 4 day vacation of it. Either way, it looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to see the countryside.


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