What Can I Still Register For? (June 29th Edition)

It might be hot out now, but perhaps training for a major race is just the thing to keep you motivated throughout these tough summer months.

Shuangxi Trail Run – 7/31, 2016 (20k, 12k) Registration ends 6/30. This race is sponsored by Inov8. It’s out of the city but you can still catch the train to arrive at the start line in the morning, just be sure to also apply to take the shuttle bus from Shuangxi station (250Nt each way). There will be a BBQ and beer to follow the race.

Sweetest Ever! Valentine’s Couple Run – 8/6, 2016 (14k, 5k) Registration ends 7/5. Some of us love Valentine’s Day, others hate it, but in Taiwan, no one can escape that it comes twice a year. Celebrate hating it with someone special, with this Valentine’s Day run.

MaokongUltra Maokong – 9/3, 2016, (50k, 21k, 12k) Registration ends 7/19. Almost everyone who is interested in trail racing, in Taiwan, has tried their hand at the Action Asia Race held in Maokong. Do you ever wonder where the multiple other trails in the area go? Follow the Taiwan Beast Runners this year to find out, as they explore distances up to 50k right in Taipei’s backyard.

Hawaii Run – 9/3, 2016 (24.5k, 9k, 5k) Registration ends 7/6. Run on the beaches of Fulong. The race starts early, so you’ll have to take the shuttle bus if you aren’t staying in the area, but on the plus side you’ll hopefully beat the early September heat. The trip might be worth it, this heavily sponsored race has some great prizes, both for top finishers and a lucky draw, with the top prize being a vacation to Hawaii.

????????????????????????????????????Lotto Moon Light Road Race – 9/3, 2016 (15k, 9k, 3.5k) Registration ends soon. Most people think of a leisurely afternoon stroll when they think of Danshuei, but I suppose running while watching the sunset is another acceptable excuse to be there. Hopefully you’ll finish in time to grab a giant ice cream from one of the vendors before they close, it will be well earned.

Action Asia X-Trail – 9/25, 2016 (17k, 9k) Registration ends when full. This is one of Taiwan’s longest held trail races. The classic 17k course is challenging, with some great views of Taipei. Although the prizes are never great, you’ll be competing against some of the most seasoned trail runners in Taipei. Check out the recap from a few years ago, here.

Shei-Pa National Park Super Marathon – 10/23, 2016 (70k, 42k, 28k, 13k) Registration ends 6/30. This race starts just over an hour’s drive from Hsinchu train station and is a steady climb into the national park over the 35k route. If your strength is uphill road running, surrounded by central Taiwan’s gorgeous mountains, consider this race a good choice. There is a shuttle bus available.

Formosa Trail – 11/19, 2016 (104k, 65k, 37k, 16k, 8k). Registration until 7/19. Nantou is the only county in Taiwan that is landlocked, and because of this, it enjoys a lot of the same aboriginal culture it did decades ago. With large mountains and beautiful scenery this is sure to be a challenging but beautiful course.


1423503659757The Most Beautiful Thing – Borneo – 10/29, 2016 (100k, 50k, 28k, 12k) Registration ends when full. Kota Kinabalu and the magic of Borneo is only a short flight away, so why not enjoy what the tropical island has to offer on foot. I suppose the name says it all, sign up and find out.

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