Stance Performance Running Socks

Stance has been around since 2009, designing brightly colored socks for a variety of athletes. Originating in the USA, they now have a market presence in more than 40 countries and have sold more than 15 million pairs of socks worldwide in 2015. The company’s inception came about when they realized a need for high quality, colorful performance socks. The company has had lots of success in producing socks for training, running, motocross and cold weather climates.

They’ve entered the market and carved out their niche in the sports sock industry just in time, as runners now know that choosing the right running socks can be just as important as choosing the right shoes. Socks are an essential part of preventing blisters and keeping feet happy on long runs. The right sock can compliment the type of shoe you like to wear and provide additional support and cushioning, an important feature especially if you are tackling those ultra distances.

First Impressions

I tried the running crew length socks and right from the beginning I loved them. These are some great feeling socks and the color variations are amazing. The crew length is perfect for all weather seasons and looks great with running tights or if you are looking to add a little flavour to your running wardrobe. Stance has really thought of everything when they designed these for running. They have ample room in the toe box but a nice secure feeling midfoot section that wraps around the arch. They even come with reflective patches on the back, great for a little extra visibility during night running.

Support and cushioning

These are classified as socks with medium cushioning and while you can certainly feel the cushion when you put them on, they aren’t bulky in the least. There is a slight difference in the weave from the material on the upper portion of the sock and the bottom cushioned sections. There is another change in the weave for the arch support section, a band that wraps securely around the midfoot and arch. The support and cushioning are noticeable from the beginning of your run, right to the end. These pair great with a minimal shoe where you might require that extra support, or are thin and versatile enough to pair with a more supportive shoe if need be.


These socks are primarily made of synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and lycra. These materials are great at wicking away moisture and keeping your feet comfortable and dry on the run. The stretch of the lycra is great at giving a secure fit combined with moisture wicking properties and these socks do a great job of warding off potential blisters. These socks do contain minimal cotton which is primarily used in the cushion of the sock. Although cotton tends to retain moisture, the combination of that with synthetic material does a great job of combining comfort and practicality. I’ve used these socks in all types of weather conditions, from heat to snow, and they have done an exceptional job of cushioning and supporting my feet while keeping them comfortable and dry.


I love the way Stance incorporates bold colors into their design while also making their socks comfortable and functional. The support in the arch is noticeable and the extra cushion in the forefoot and heel is minimal but great for long runs. The extra room the designers incorporated into the toe box is essential for toe splay and a strong toe off. The upper is highly breathable and wicks away moisture, this is a comfortable sock. My favourite part though is definitely the colourful designs they use. If you are looking for something funky, tribal, plain or a sock that speaks to your inner child, they have the pair of socks for you.


I’ve put a couple hundred kilometers into these socks and they’ve been laundered extensively since I first got them and I haven’t found any quality issues. They fit as well as they did right out of the packaging. There has been a little bit of pilling of the cushioning in the heel, but it’s not significant and this is just a result of the different fibers working against each other. Although I am not concerned about this minimal wearing, there are things you can do to prolong the life of your socks, such as turning them inside out in the wash and hang drying them.


At 600NT for their crew length running socks they are a bit expensive, but they are comfortable and supportive and durable enough to stand up to extended use. Many runners, including myself, can see the benefit of having a high quality sock, especially on those long runs and these funky designs might just be the push you need to get out the door for those long runs.

Bottom Line
I loved these socks right off the shelf, the fit, style and comfort are amazing, you can feel the support right away as the sock wraps around your arch. I really enjoy the crew length because I spend many of my long training sessions on the trails and these socks are great at keeping debris out. The crew length is also perfect if you want to make a fashion statement with Stance’s bold designs. Some runners might think these are a bit on the expensive side, but for a high quality sock, especially one with such interesting designs this price is comparable to many popular offerings on the market. Overall, this is a well designed sock and Stance has really thought about fit, form and comfort and incorporated it well. Check out their website and find a design that speaks to you! Happy Running!

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