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How to Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation as a “Runner”

“Runners” loathe relaxation. Ok, while not completely accurate, there is an element of that statement which rings true. Some running enthusiasts will thwart doctor’s recommendations to rest, while others constantly question how closely they can schedule back to back marathons. Runners often proclaim that without their daily fix, they might just lose their cool. So, how is it that runners can actually enjoy vacation? Vacation can be rough on your training ritual. With all the relaxing, visiting, eating, drinking and being merry, how do you…

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Tips on Planning a Destination Race in Asia

What better way to discover a new city than by running in it? Or touring the countryside in a mapped out trail race with a few hundred other people? Destination races are one of the best ways to get involved in a culture, see an unfamiliar area, overcome new obstacles, and improve motivation for difficult training sessions. Asia is a great place to plan, and execute, a destination race. Taiwan commands a fairly central location with direct flights to many of the surrounding major cities.…

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