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Taipei Running on Vacation in MaGong, PengHu 馬公,澎湖

We recently went on a short weekend trip to the beautiful island archipelago of PengHu. In less than an hour after leaving Taipei, we touched town at the city’s only airport, then scootered to the island’s only city, MaGong. From Taipei city to this island paradise, it only took about 2 hours before setting out on our island hopping tour, I was impressed! The city of MaGong is sleepy and small but with a population of 60,000 people it has all of the conveniences found…

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Charming Trail Run Training 17.5km -屆七星登山王越野挑戰賽

The weekend of January 24th brought unseasonably warm weather for Northern Taiwan. So, when a friend posted about training in YangMingShan for the Charming Trail Run (43km) in April, we jumped at the chance. This was an organized event and we registered just in time. The fee, 100 NT, included insurance, the assistance of 3 coaches and some food along the way. We started the morning with a short, encouraging speech by each of the 3 coaches and then some light dynamic stretching. Everything was…

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