Personalized Coaching

RTS-logoRunning is a skill, and just like other skills, it can be refined. Even the slightest improvement in running technique can save you valuable minutes in your next race. Focusing on improving technique can also help you run faster, longer and injury free. Scheduling a running session or signing up for a specialized running plan will benefit you both immediately and in the long term.

Running Sessions

An hour session is recommended to improve from and stride efficiency for runners of any level. The session starts with a warm up, an analysis of the current stride, 30 minutes of fun drills to improve technique followed by another video analysis to compare to the first.

Pricing: 1 Pax 800 NT, 2 Pax 1300 NT, 3 Pax 1900 NT 4 Pax 2300 NT

Training Plans

We create custom training plans for runners of all ages and types, from 5k plans to marathon distance plans. Over each 12 week session, there will be 4 one-hour running technique sessions which include technique analysis, and injury management, as well as strength exercises based on the athlete’s overall goals. Athletes will also have unlimited access to a coach via email for the 12 weeks.

Pricing: 1 Pax 3200, 2 Pax 5000 NT, 3 Pax 7000, 4 Pax 9000 NT

Coaching picOur Coach

Amber R Lane
Founder of
Pose Method Certified Running Technique Specialist

Amber is an experienced runner, winning trophies at all distances including half marathons, full marathon, trail and ultra-trail.

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