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Taipei Running on Vacation in Jiaoxi

Jiaoxi is a small town in the northern part of Yilan county and although the county has some beautiful scenery, the city itself has previously been referred to as Taiwan’s worst tourist trap. But has it really earned this reputation? The entire township is home to just more than 35,000 people but the hotspring hotels are ubiquitous, and although it doesn’t have the charm of some other hotspring towns (think Wulai), the township actually does have a lot to offer. Besides the numerous hotspring hotels,…

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Neihu Bishan Trail Race (20km) 內湖碧山山徑越野跑

This annual Ezfun trail race is held at the Wenhu Elementary school,  conveniently located just 7 minutes from the Jiannan MRT station. This makes it easily accessible from many parts of the city on race day. There are both 11km and 20km distances, with the 20km being relatively grueling. The longer course heads northeast, just touching the southern tip of the YangMingShan National Park, before looping back to the start through the Bishan Temple area. It boasts a whopping 30% (of total trail) being stairs.…

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