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What Can I Still Register For? (June 29th Edition)

It might be hot out now, but perhaps training for a major race is just the thing to keep you motivated throughout these tough summer months. Shuangxi Trail Run – 7/31, 2016 (20k, 12k) Registration ends 6/30. This race is sponsored by Inov8. It’s out of the city but you can still catch the train to arrive at the start line in the morning, just be sure to also apply to take the shuttle bus from Shuangxi station (250Nt each way). There will be a…

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2015 MSIG Lantau 54k, Hong Kong

Sunday, December 6th, brought the annual MSIG Lantau 50km held in Hong Kong. While some runners felt fresh at the starting line, others had completed the vertical kilometer just a day earlier. They had ascended 950m over 5km of distance, a race also hosted by Action Asia. Participants who did well in both races had the opportunity to almost double their award money at the ceremony of Lantau 50k depending on their overall positions. Having not previously known about the prize incentive, we opted to…

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