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Jingmei MRT to Houshanpi MRT (15km) City Trail 景美到後山埤

Looking for a trail run that’s easily within city limits? On this route, there is a nice mix of dirt trail (35%), paved trail (55%) and road (15%) and it crosses the brown MRT line so that you can choose to run some or all of it. There are some great city views and you can marvel at how close you are to towering buildings, while still on the trail. That’s not to say this is a walk in the park, the climbs and length…

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Four Beasts Trail Race – 四獸山山徑越野跑 (15 km)

Sunday March 8th, EzFun held their annual “Four Beasts Trail Run” offering distances of either 9 or 15km, in Xinyi District Taipei. The 15km runners started at 7:30 and had a window, 7:30-8am, to cross the start line before the 9km began their run from 8-8:30am. Although, we had only completed the Elle Race the day before, we were at the line when the horn blew at 7:30, ready to conquer the hills of Southern Taipei. The race started with a 400m sprint leading from…

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