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How to Find a Great Running Route in Taipei

With more than 2,870 people per km², Taipei and New Taipei City are the most populated places in Taiwan. It seems surprising then, that within this concrete jungle there are a wealth of running routes and scenic trails spread throughout. The best running routes, most runners will agree, are ones in which we can lose ourselves in the run, as the ground passes uninterrupted beneath our feet without the hustle and bustle of the city distracting us. Here are a few of the most accessible,…

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How I packed for my first 50k ultra trail run? (and what I learned)

You’ve logged the miles, you’ve practiced with your pack, nutrition strategies etc. and its finally time to run your first ultra. What do you pack? It depends on the distance, how well stocked/frequent the aid stations are, whether you will get resupply packs along the way and of course personal preference! Here is a rundown on what I packed for my first Ultra and how it worked out: The Action Asia 50 km was my first ultramarathon trail race, and as a skyrunner world champion…

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