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Jingmei MRT to Houshanpi MRT (15km) City Trail 景美到後山埤

Looking for a trail run that’s easily within city limits? On this route, there is a nice mix of dirt trail (35%), paved trail (55%) and road (15%) and it crosses the brown MRT line so that you can choose to run some or all of it. There are some great city views and you can marvel at how close you are to towering buildings, while still on the trail. That’s not to say this is a walk in the park, the climbs and length…

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How to Find a Great Running Route in Taipei

With more than 2,870 people per km², Taipei and New Taipei City are the most populated places in Taiwan. It seems surprising then, that within this concrete jungle there are a wealth of running routes and scenic trails spread throughout. The best running routes, most runners will agree, are ones in which we can lose ourselves in the run, as the ground passes uninterrupted beneath our feet without the hustle and bustle of the city distracting us. Here are a few of the most accessible,…

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