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Dazhi to Bayan (Yangmingshan) 大直到八煙 (陽明山) 25k, 1200m+

One of the best things about this route is how easy it is to see how far you’ve traveled by foot. The course starts at sea-level in northern Taipei City and travels east along the Yangmingshan National Park until it arrives on the coastal side of Yangmingshan. It ends at a scenic natural hot spring area and a small farming village. As you make your way up to the top of this course at 850m above sea level, don’t forget to glance back at Taipei…

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SanDiaoLing 三貂嶺- ShiFen 十分

It was a beautiful Saturday just before a race and we wanted to venture out for a short trail run (just over 8km) so we grabbed a running backpack and headed to San Diao Ling, which is around an hour from Taipei by train. This trail, which spans from the quiet San Diao Ling train station to the bustling Shi Fen station is one of my favorites because of the variety it offers on this short jaunt. Remember to bring everything you will need on…

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