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Desert Runners

Imagine you’ve just arrived to one of the least habitable places on the planet. You have everything you need for the 7 day, 250km journey on your back. In order to make it, you’ll need to keep moving, keep racing towards the finish. But there isn’t only one, there are four. Four races you will complete in 1 calendar year in the driest, hottest, windiest places on earth. This is the beginning of a 1000 km journey, and you are about to do something incredible.…

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The Hanson’s Marathon Method, not just for marathoners.

The Hanson’s Marathon Method: A Renegade Path to Your Fastest Marathon I’ve never been someone who follows marathon training schedules very well. Daunting, dull, and monotonous are a few of the adjectives that arise for me when contemplating a formal training program. Although I don’t often consider myself a “marathoner” (it isn’t even one of my favorite distances) I decided I would like to get more out of my running as a low marathon time is usually a key indication of just how badass a…

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