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What Can I Still Register for? (April 12th Edition)

We are fresh off winter and with temperatures rising there’s still a little time to get in a race or two before the summer heat. de LOOP – 4/16, 2016 (25k, 50k, 100k, 150k) Registration has been extended. Looking for 2017 UTMB points? Get them here! A beautiful 25k loop in the forest, with waterfalls and river crossings, the amount of loops is up to you but the more you do the more points you’ll get! Taipei City Route Running – 4/24, 2016 (60k, 70k)Registration…

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3 Reasons to love the Saucony Virrata (and why you should get a pair)

Shoe addiction? Well maybe. The Saucony Virrata was my first love and although this review is long overdue (I’ve owned a pair of Virratas since I began running in 2014), it’s certainly warranted. This shoe has brought me across the finish line of many a half marathon and, despite the number of alternatives I’ve tried on, nothing has fit quite as well as this shoe. Despite my personal fondness towards the shoe, it wasn’t initially well-received by the market. Its inception came from Saucony’s extremely…

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