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Caoling Historical Trail (草嶺古道)

This is a nice average length trail (12 km) which takes place mostly on paved trails. Running along the coast, it offers a nice climb with ocean views ending on the beach, perfect for a hot summer day. The course begins at Dali (大里) train station in Yilan (宜蘭), an hour and a half, by train from Taipei. This ancient trail was originally constructed by the government to span the Northern coast of Taiwan. With the initial leading all the way from Danshuei (淡水) on…

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Xiaoyoukeng (小油坑) – Mt. Cising (Qixing) (七星山) – Mt. Datun (大屯山)

We started our run in the late afternoon. Although it is summer in Taipei and quite hot its always a few degrees cooler in YangMingShan national park. As we parked the bike we didn’t know where we’d be going but only knew that we were trying to avoid the weekend foot traffic up on the mountain. So we headed up this small side path and didn’t see anyone. Eventually this path led up to the main path and the stairs up to QiXingShan. Which is…

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