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How to use GPX files on your phone (Android)

There are several ways to follow in the footsteps of others. You can meticulously plan (using maps, a compass or a well written guide), you can wing it and hope for the best, or you can use GPX files to accurately track your movements on course. It wasn’t until recently that I started using GPX files because previously I just wasn’t sure how. Initially I thought it was as easy as uploading them on to my Forerunner 220 and perhaps my watch would just tell…

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Taiwan Shihmen Reservoir 50 km training 石門水庫

Two weeks before my first 50km we headed to Shihmen reservoir to practice the trail with a group known as the “Taiwan Beast Runners“. We signed up for this group trail run to try our luck at the final kilometers of the race and familiarize ourselves with the course.  The race is reported to be technical, with many hills and different terrains. We started our run in a forest of bamboo, which was indeed difficult. As the narrow trail twisted around the long stalks of…

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